Sunday, August 24, 2008

The National Anthem

There are different expressions of patriotism. We may relate or choose not to accept those expressions; they may differ from the traditional, but they can be legitimate interpretations of the varied experiences of citizens who love the its promise and the hope which life in this country holds for all of its people, whether fully realize or not.

The Olympics are ending, we are beginning the election season in earnest and will choose the next president and leader of the free world.

The late Marvin Gayes' rendition of the National Anthem, expresses the passion, pain and promise of our country's offer of hope to every generation and to the world. A struggle in which we must all engage, if we that hope is ever to be realized.

I hope you can relate to it.

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/ said...

Thanks for posting ,this is and was the greatest reendition of the National Anthem . A classic !