Sunday, September 28, 2008

Celebrating Good Work

Lauded as one of the greatest politicians of our time, lamented because of the unfulfilled potential of his presidency and lambasted because of his personal weaknesses and failures, Bill Clinton's post presidential years may be recorded as the most significant on record.

The recently concluded Clinton Global Initiative has an impressive record of bringing together corporations, philanthropic institutions, individuals and governments to address the issues that threaten quality of life worldwide.

I believe it provides a blueprint for the coordination of the resources of the same types of institutions on a local level. I hope you agree. The link below is the video of a session entitled, 'Overcoming Poverty in Challenging Environtments'. It's about an hour, I think it will be worth your time.


Paul Newman


"Cool Hand Luke", "The Sting", "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", "The Hustler", "The Color of Money", "The Verdict",do I need to go on?

Paul Newman was one of our countries greatest actors. He exhibited a style and a grace that was always pleasing to watch, even in his later years - I even liked him in "The Road to Perdition".

But Newman wasn't just a great actor. When he started 'Newman's Own', I wondered just how much money anyone could raise for charity by selling salad dressing! The answer: $150,000,000! His concern for Civil Rights and his compassion for children through another project called "The Hole in the Wall Gang", shows that celebrity doesn't have to be a self serving end in itself. It can be a tool through which those who are celebrated can make life better for others.

Paul Newman was a wonderfully engaging personality. The world will miss his talent and his heart.

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E. Mayfield said...

Very worthwhile. So very impressive was the 7 year old girl who was a fund raiser!