Sunday, September 14, 2008

Been Polled?

Have you been polled yet?

The numbers of polls can be mind numbing.

Who appeals to what demographic?

Who is strong on foreign policy?

Who is strong on domestic policy?

Who's best on the economy?

Who can protect you?

Who is ready from to be commander in chief?

Who shares your values?

Who would you most want to have a beer with?!

State-by-state polls. Regional polls. Daily tracking polls.

Anyone call you let?

Maybe like me, you hardly ever answer the phone, unless you recognize the number! Think you've missed your chance?

Remember: no matter what the polls show now - the only poll that counts is the one that's taken on November 4. It's a 12 hour polling window in which every citizen can participate and the only one which actually determines who will lead this nation. Don't miss that call. It's the call for all citizens who really want their voice heard to tell their fellow citizens (and really the world) what's important to them. And its done by casting our ballot.

If you live in Texas and haven't registered yet, you must register by October 6 and you must go to the polls on November 4 to let the nation know what you want.

It's the poll that counts. Don't miss the call!

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