Monday, October 20, 2008

Powell's Endorsement

For anyone who supports Barak Obama, Colin Powell's endorsement on Sunday was exciting. For those who support McCain, expect to here it brushed off as a non-event.

The fact is, I think that as much as one might say Barak Obama won Powell's endorsement, it is equally true that John McCain lost it.

You can count me among those who was extremely disappointed that Powell didn't resign after he was horribly misused in making the U.S. case for war when he appeared before the United Nations. It has been proven that George Tenet lied to him, and sat behind Colin Powell as he used little more than a Power Point presentation with spliced audio to convince the world that Iraq had WMD.

But, I was reminded that Powell is a soldier and that no matter his own misgivings, or his personal feelings, his reflex is to obey the directives of the Commander in Chief. Powell's loyalty, although misplaced in the minds of many of us civilians, is the natural order of things to a general. Consequently, we don't know what arguments he may have made withing the inner circle of the White House, or how vigorous those arguments may have been, what we do know is that once the decision is made, his inclination is to accept it.

Powell's rationale for supporting Obama's candidacy was both eloquent and telling:

McCain's uncertainty when faced with the economic crisis
The increasingly negative attacks on Obama's character
The narrowing focus of the Republican Party
What McCain's choice of Sarah Palin says about his judgement

those reasons for not supporting McCain when contrasted with his evaluation of Obama's vision, leadership, decision making and temperament, speak volumes about what Powell was looking for in a presidential candidate.

Whatever else we want to credit Powell with - he knows leadership.

Obviously, there are some who will not agree with, or care about Powell's endorsement. But I think its important that given General Powell's loyalty, his patriotism, what he knows about this country and what he understands about where this country is headed and what it needs, Powell's endorsement of McCain, was McCain's to lose - and he lost it.


Linus said...

You know there will be some that say Powell's endorsement of Obama is simply because they are both African-American.

Gerald Britt said...

I know you're right! In fact Rush Limbaugh has already said it (I know you're shocked!).

I go with Powell's explanation that if that was going to be his rationale he could have made his decision months ago.

Anonymous said...

What exactly has Obama led?

Anonymous said...

A great leader is one who knows who to surround himself with. The experience and skills brought to the table with this new administration will be the hope this country needs to move forward. Obama is not a one man show and has wisdom enough to know this.
I hope Powell is given a strong position in the leadership of this new administration. He is an honorable man.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Obama had as a mentor communist Frank Marshall Davis in high school, he supported Raila Odinga in Kenya, a radical leftist politician educated in communist East Germany, convicted felon Tony Rezko in Chicago, Jeremiah Wright, America hater, unrepentent terrorist Bill Ayers, extreme socialist the late Saul Alinsky. A great leader knows with whom to surround himself. Hmmm..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:01,

Seriously, you really out to be tired of this guilt by association tiresome, trite conservative drivel.

You do know it's much easier to play that game with McCain/Palin's more recent association.

We've had almost eight full years of fear mongering and divisiveness. I'm suprised there are people out there who love spewing this hatefulness

Shawn Williams said...

This was a well thought, well reasoned, well earned endorsement for Barack Obama. I was disappointed to see so many brush this off as a "because he's black" moment. The Bush Administration lost a lot of credibility when Powell left. The only sliver of respectability that they have gained since is due to Robert Gates.