Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time to Decide

In Texas early voting starts tomorrow. Here are things that I'm considering in voting for the next President of the United States:

How inclusive of all Americans is the vision of the candidate?

How important a role is education in their vision? Will he promote an
atmosphere in which public education is more effective and secondary education
is more affordable?

Does he have a vision which will promote conditions which can foster the rise of new technology leading to new business opportunities and an expansion of the jobs base?

Which candidate will help improve our country's image abroad?

Which candidate has an urban domestic policy? In other words a policy which
will help redevelop our crumbling and decaying urban areas?

Which candidate's world view reflects intellectual curiosity and flexibility but is, at the same time born out of a set of core values that resonate with the best raditions of our country?

Which candidate demonstrated a committment to our nation's safety and the
world's peace?

Which candidate has conducted a more honorable campaign?

Which candidate has demonstrated a greater commitment to integrity than

Which candidate has managed his campaign better?

Which candidate listens to the broadest range of interests in the country?

Whose candidates have policies which best address the needs of the poor in
our country?

Which candidate values not only the life of the unborn, but the future of
those who are born?

Which candidate inspires this country to civic engagement?

Which candidate communicates a message that balances government
intervention and personal responsibility?

No candidate perfectly addresses all of these areas implicated in these questions, but as I vote, these are some of the thoughts that will determine my choice.

What are yours?


Anonymous said...

Yup! All you ACORN people vote early and vote often.

Anonymous said...

Well SOMEONE has to do something about the Republicans voter suppression - or have you forgotten the elections of 2000 and 2004?!