Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Country Do These People Live In?

Yesterday, the Dow lost half a trillion dollars

Recently, another 160,000 people lost their jobs, bringing the total for the year to nearly three quarters of million people

Our country is involved in two wars with no immediate end in sight

The economies of the world are now in trouble, in part because of America's financial woes

Major financial institutions are crumbling

Banks won't even lend money to one another

Millions of people have lost their homes

Republicans are blaming Democrats

Democrats are blaming Republicans

Question: Who are the 12% of the Americans who think this country is headed in the right direction?


sayeretmatkal said...

I have to wonder too . . . I keep asking myself how we can even think about electing more of the same.

Evelyn said...

I also wonder who these people are
also. How can they be so insensitive to the people's struggles and the economic troubles
and think we are headed in the right direction?