Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who Won the Debate? Maybe We Did...

Pundits will warm over tonight's debate for the next few days, but in terms of style and presentation I think the debate went fine.

What we may have gotten was a glimpse of who Sarah Palin and Joe Biden are. But not only that, she showed an understanding of the campaign and the policy of her ticket. You may question the policies, you can agree with them or not, but it was the type of debate worthy of this election cycle. I think I actually understood the McCain-Palin platform better when Palin described them.

The fact is, that none of us was well served by what we had seen of Governor Palin in the previous one-on-one interviews. Relative clarity, a sense of direction, some understanding of the issues is what constitutes an opportunity to make an informed choice instead of a reactionary acceptance that makes excuses or rejection out of a sense of derision. Was the Governor prepared and coached - of course! Is there anything wrong with that? Not at all. Was she perfect, no. But neither was Biden. As these debates go, it was pretty good. What we wanted (or what I wanted), was to see two candidates who knew what they were talking about. I think that's what we got. While not as artfully as some other politicians, she steered most questions back to what she wanted to talk about. But again, that's what all politicians do.

Again, we have to decide whether we believe what we heard. We now have a pretty good basis to answer some of the questions that are important to most of us: is this a person of substance? Can these VP candidates carry the message of the campaign? Should anything happen to the President can you see this person as the next president?

Who wins when we see the best of the four candidates? America does.

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RonS. said...

Rev. Britt,

I like your sense of this debate.
And I think you've hit it on the head: It's about America.

Ron Sexton