Thursday, October 9, 2008

Your Opportunity to Act

Nearly 923 million people in the world go hungry.

It is estimated that 16 million children die every year from preventable and treatable causes in underdeveloped countries. Sixty percent of these deaths are from hunger and malnutrition.

In the United States, 11.7 million children live in households where people have to skip meals or eat less to make ends meet. That means one in ten households in the U.S. are living with hunger or are at risk of hunger.

More than 380,000 people in Dallas County live below the poverty line, including more than 162,000 children

81% of families who participate in feeding programs are categorized as 'food insecure' meaning that they have to skip meals, make critical choices between bills, transportation costs, medicine and food and 40% participating in those programs have at least one working adult.

This doesn't grab the headlines. This isn't being mentioned in the Presidential campaign by either party. If something isn't done, the numbers will continue to grow.

Whatever else happens you can be part of a solution.

On October 27, Central Dallas Ministries invites you to participate in Community Hunger Day.

With at least 2,000 people willing to us reach out to 10 friends and ask for a $50 commitment, we can raise at least $1,000,000 in the fight against hunger. For every dollar you donate Central Dallas Ministries can provide six meals to a hungry neighbor.

Learn more about the effort and how you can participate at

We can do more than talk, we can act. Please join us!

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