Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Greater National Security Strategy

"More people are pursuaded by the power of our example, than by the example of our power."

President Bill Clinton


Daniel Beringer said...

Love The Sentiment. Mr. Clintons words are powerful. There is much truth in them. Where are your words? If you can recognize such truth, then certainly you can speak many truths. I would be interested in your thoughts on the subject.

Gerald Britt said...


I appreciate the encouragement. President Clinton's words really are powerful and resonate with me when it comes to the issue of the America's place in the world.

Let me try and sum up my thoughts:

The world is a dangerous place and America does have enemies, so it does make sense to have a strong military.

This post would be too long to express all of my thoughts on what America can and should represent to the world. But I hope once the euphoria settles down, we realize what a powerful example the recent election was to the rest of the world. Only in America was it possible, that a member of a historically oppressed minority could be peacefully elected to the highest office in the land.

The November 4th election speaks volumes of our country's capacity for inclusivity, for hope and for change. America periodically shows itself to be unafraid to reinvent itself right in front of its national neighbors, and our recent election is only the most dramatic example of that willingness.

The world already knows the strength of our military might. On last Tuesday, it saw the bigness of our country's heart.