Friday, December 5, 2008

Medgar Evers: A Patriotic Resolve

"For two and on half years I endangered my life as many other Negro Americans, on the far-away battlefields, to safeguard America and Democracy, only to return to our native country and state and be denied the basic things for which we fought. Now if that is not forbearance, I do not know what it is. Even while serving Uncle Sam in Europe I would read in the Stars and Stripes, the U.S. Army publications of the horror that my people were experiencing in the Southland while we faced the merciless onslaught of the German Air Force and their eighty-eight field guns. However, I have been told that 'resistance to tyranny is obedience to God,' and for that reason if for no other we shall not cease to press forward, relentlessly, until every vestige of segregation and discrimination in America becomes annihilated."

The Autobiography of Medgar Evers
Address Celebrating the Fourth Anniversary of
Brown vs. Board of Education
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1958

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