Monday, December 22, 2008

We Are Working Hard!

Here at Central Dallas Ministries, we are blessed to have a wonderful CEO and Vice President in Larry James. I consider him a great friend with a tremendously generous heart.

You can imagine that we both get asked one question. A question which generally gets asked around this time of year, but with more frequency than either of us want throughout the year: "I bet you guys are really working hard about now, huh?" Or, "I guess you all are really busy now!"

It's not a question that revolves around our work ethic; it's a question that recognizes that the need in our communities is increasing exponentially.

There's been an almost 30% demand in services across the board at Central Dallas Ministries.

By October 2008, we had already provided groceries for more people than we had in all of 2007.

We are really working hard!

Larry was recently on THINK, a local public television series on KERA TV (PBS) explaining how conditions are changing during these times. He did a really great job, and you should check it out.

Don't miss what he says about, 'the power of the small gift'. It's really, really important!

By the way, Larry lost his mother recently, after a very long illness. She passed 2 years shy of the day his father died last year. Although we all know that Mrs. James is no longer suffering, we also know that grief is never easy on those left behind - especially this time of year. Keep Larry and his wife Brenda in your prayers.

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