Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's Not Forget Joseph Lowery!

Angst continues over the invitation of Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at inauguration ceremony for Barack Obama. It is seen by many of our gay and lesbian citizens and their supporters as a betrayal of the President-elect's campaign promises as well as another signal that 'change' means more of the same.

Lost in the controversy is the fact that Rev. Joseph Lowery has been invited to deliver the benediction. Rev. Lowery is a venerable and highly respected Civil Rights veteran, a retired pastor and past president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (founded by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) as well as a progressive clergyman.

Dr. Lowery, is no consolation prize and is in no lesser position praying at the end of the ceremonies.

By only focusing attention on Warren's opening prayer, we lose sight of the promise that his presence, along with Lowery's, is the sign that all voices will be heard by this new administration.

By concentrating nearly all of our attention on Warren and totally missing Rev. Lowery's contribution, we're seeing how badly we need healing, hope and unity in this nation. The positioning of Warren at the beginning of the inauguration and Lowery at the end, could be taken as a metaphor for where our country is, as Obama takes office, and where we need to go.

At least I that's how I see it...


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