Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh, Now That's Just Silly!

Do you know anyone who is 'addicted' to unemployment insurance? Not chronically unemployed, I mean somebody who won't look for a job because they love collecting unemployment check? Not welfare, not disability - unemployment?!

Evidently that's a real danger in Texas!

Governor Rick Perry has rejected $555 million in unemployment insurance benefits available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the stimulus package). He's afraid that Texas' antiquated policies means that extending unemployment to part-time workers, the three month extenuation in benefits and the additional $25 a week that the unemployed would receive, will end western civilization capitalism as we've come to know it (and we all know how bad that would be!).

But there's another inherent danger that we've all never considered: the state and the unemployed could get 'hooked' on unemployment insurance benefits!

Bill Hammond, the president of the Texas Association of Business, says that expanding unemployment benefits for laid-off workers was like giving crack cocaine to an addict, “It’s like a drug dealer,” Hammond said. “The dealer gives you your first hit for free to get you hooked, and then you are addicted.”

It's a line he's obviously been polishing...

Texas and the unemployed - addicted to unemployment insurance? Seriously?!

Maybe Central Dallas Ministries Social Services can start a new 12 step program, "I've Been Laid Off Anonymous"...No, that's just silly.

So is that comparison!

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