Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Prayer (Breakfast) Time!

Just a final heads up.

At 7:15, tomorrow morning (Tuesday, April 21st) at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas, Central Dallas Ministries will be hosting its 14th Annual Urban Ministries Prayer Breakfast.

This is an opportunity for CDM to share with the city, the values and heart of our organization and engage our neighbors from every community in seeking God's Will, His Peace and His Justice for the city.

This year's guest speaker will be Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins, whose commitment to justice has been highlighted throughout the country. Watkins is the first African-American D.A. in the history of Dallas County and has gained national attention for his pursuit of justice for the wrongfully incarcerated. There are at least 20 men, who, through the efforts of D.A. Watkins, have been exonerated of crime for which they have been erroneously convicted and imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. A portion of the morning's program will highlight the work that Central Dallas Ministries has been privileged to do with these exonerees, the Innocence Project of Texas and others, to help these men transition back into our community.

The pursuit of justice is an integral part of CDM's work and informs and inspires our efforts for not only these men, but in the areas of hunger, health, housig and hope. It's challenging, it is a work that many of our staff, volunteers and supporters are engaged. Saturating this work in prayer, helps us endures the difficulties sometimes associated with it.
Join us tomorrow morning, won't you? And, by the way, whether you can be with us or not, please remember to pray for us!

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