Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Shall Remain - Don't Miss It!

You will do yourself a disservice if you miss The American Experience's special series, "We Shall Remain" on your local PBS station.

This story of the Native Americans and their valiant struggle for survival in our country despite what could only be described as ethnic cleansing at best, an attempted genocide at worst, can only grow in respect for their spirituality, determination and courage.

In this country we have a habit of only wanting to repeat the history that shows a dominant culture in its best light. In doing so, we downplay and discount the tremendous contibutions of all the peoples who have made America great. The desire, or the attempt to oblitirate the history of Native Americans, Hispanics, African-Americans and others, in a misguided effort to homogenize American citizenship and avoid unflattering accounts of oppression, brutality and injustice denies all of us the inspiration that comes from stories of courage, determination and will, all of which is part of the history of all people who live here. Their stories tell of America's greatness too.

To try and tell America's story without telling the story of these peoples, is to fail to really tell America's story.

Check your listing for the next broadcast of "We Shall Remain". It is well worth it!

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