Monday, May 25, 2009

Where Will Our Love Go?

I had a great privilege of meeting with a group of students from Abilene Christian University who are a part of a fellowship program that spent the week with us at Central Dallas Ministries.

On Thursday, I was explaining to them how our permanent supportive housing program, called Destination Home works.

When one of the students asked where we get referrals to this program from. I explained that we get some from the Bridge, Dallas' homeless assistance center. Then I said that we also get some referrals from the Veteran's Administration Hospital. Then something struck me and I guess I was musing out loud:

The country, pro-Iraq war and anti-Iraq war, take great pains to say how much we love our troops. And how every American should be proud of them, their sacrifice and their that of their families. And they are all absolutely right!

But we have a habit of not treating our veterans well after the wars are over, and it dawned on me...some of these patriots, whose virtues we extol, will come back with mental health issues, financial problems, and broken families. Advances in medical science mean that soldiers who might have died with the same injuries in Viet Nam, will have disabilities and all of these circumstances will contribute to many of our fighting boys and girls ending up on the street.

We welcome them with banners and balloons now. But I wonder will we love our troops then?

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