Friday, May 22, 2009

The World As it Should Be; The World As it Is

Tawnell Hobbs who writes the Dallas Morning News' DISD blog, has put out a poll asking who should be the new chairperson for the Dallas Independent School District's board of trustees. I'm not exercising any grand insight when I say it SHOULD be Carla Ranger.

When she ran for her seat I was pretty unimpressed. The more she has fought to get this board to do the right thing by the students by fighting against the decrease in funding for magnet schools and learning centers; or for the citizens of Dallas by fighting efforts to circumvent the democratic process by extending their terms of office, Dr. Ranger has shown wisdom, courage and great judgement.

Dr. Ranger quite suspiciously lost her job recently at the Dallas Community College District. More than a few believe its because she has been such a contrarian on the board.

She's my kind of contrarian.

A look at the popular poll shows I'm not the only one who feels that way. But then again, we don't get a vote. The trustees choose their president (sigh)...


Anonymous said...

We hear how important first impression are in western culture, but I wonder how judicious it can be to assess each other with so little real knowledge about one another. Was she not as assertive and abrasive as you would have liked her to be in public forums?

I dare say that one's position as a public employee would require a greater need to speak softly. Also judging people by speech, sexual orientation, and agreement with our agenda can be discriminatory and prejudiced.

Perhaps like Jesus she worked in mysterious ways even while challenging the priests and their scribes by exposing their folly.

Rev. Britt we have great strength within our quiet warriors. They seek to do the best things while not over emphasinzing their own importance. We want to let all people of conscience participate in the public dialog and just not those that have charisma and force of presence. It is too easy to glorify the externals don't you think.

Gerald Britt said...

Anonymous 2:57,

You are quite right and I should have been more clear: my assessment of Carla Ranger was in regard to her presentation in a rather large field of candidates for
public office not as a person.

Also, my support of her has nothing to do with 'abrassive' behavior. She has been deliberative, reasoned, observant of procedure, yet persistent and assertive in points of view with which I happen to agree. That has nothing to do with gender, or religion, or political ideology. I have known several politicians with home I have disagreed on issues but respected their approach.

You don't have to be a flamethrower to be effective - or a 'contrarian'. I respect and admire Ms. Ranger because she represents more of what we need in local politics.

Sorry for the confusion...

alex said...

"The World As it Should Be; The World As it Is"

Besides Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama, who else used this expression?

Gerald Britt said...

Literally hundreds of thousands...