Thursday, July 23, 2009

Helpful, Inspirational Television - No, Really!

Couple of things...

KERA the local PBS affiliate has an laudable and excellent effort going on to help people deal with the recession. Its called 'KERA the Economy'. This initiative is designed to arm viewers with information and possible solutions in grappling with facing home foreclosure, job loss, health care issues and other challenges resulting from the current downturn in the economy.

I caught what I believe to have been the first installment of the series recently entitled 'Facing the Mortgage Crisis' and it was incredibly good. The story of Jesus and Milagro Irizarry who faced loss of their home by sale at auction, is a poignant, cautionary tale for those who have fallen behind on their mortgage through job loss, health care issues, or inflated mortgage payments, to seek help and to do it quickly!

There was also a very helpful segment on dealing with unemployment. There were practical suggestions from dealing with everything from the need to file for unemployment insurance immediately, to seeking counseling for the emotional impact of losing your job during a recession.
Great work KERA! It's really worth checking out.

Speaking of television...

The word I heard most often associate with CNN's Black In America 2 is 'inspirational'. While last year's 'Black In America' focused almost too much on the problems and pathologies of the African-American community, this season Soledad O'Brien shows much more of the promise of efforts that are transforming lives. Such as Capitol High School in Hartford, Connecticut where every child that graduates goes on to a four year college.

Nothing short of inspirational, and again, worth checking out!

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