Monday, July 13, 2009

Should We Ever Learn Our Lesson

If there was ever a reason to remain vigilant about race relations in our country, this is it!

We all want this type of thing to be over. But racism doesn't end without vigilence and vigorous reaction when it occurs. When we say 'we've learned our lesson' let it mean that we've made making room for everyone a priority in public policy and in public life.


Jeremy Gregg said...

indeed, let us hope that our vigilance never falters. thanks for keeping us all aware of how much we have yet to accomplish in this world...

Karen said...

Thank you, Gerald. Truly a despicable action by the club.

We've been a multiracial family for nearly 30 years, and our immediate family is Anglo, African American, French American, and Vietnamese. Thirty years ago, I learned to anticipate somewhat the 'looks' when we went into a mostly white, conservative environment. But, to my surprise, while things are much better on the surface now -- and many people seem to embrace diversity more openly -- sometimes we still get the 'looks' in certain settings.

As the 'white' mother/grandmother of this group, I can get fierce with my defiant glares back. But it occurred to me recently, my African American daughter (alongside her white sister) has been coping with this for twenty-eight years. It must get very tiring.

Irrational hatred dies hard, especially when we persist in denying that that's what it is, like those at The Valley Club. I'm glad this has gotten so much publicity.