Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Simply Amazing...Or Appalling - Depends On How You Look at It

For those wanting a very interesting look at the rise and fall and rise of a politician, 'The Nine Lives of Marion Barry' is an excellent view of Barry's descent from nearly iconic stature to cataclysmic self destruction - and political survival.

The former Mayor of Washington D.C., whose fall from grace included a 6 month stint in prison for cocaine possession is the consummate political survivor. He now is a member of D.C.'s city council where he won re-election last November in a landslide.

I've always been disappointed in Barry. But one cannot help but look at the promise with which he first became mayor 30 years ago and his ability to charm his constituency into overlooking flaws fatal to other office holders.

You will probably be alternately amazed and appalled and tempted to say there's no one like him.

And then you think again and realize: right or left, Democrat or Republican, black or white, there's something unfortunately typical about this's worth watching.

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