Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let's Be Honest About Who Needs Help!

What's become clear to me (and I'll lay claim to being a little slow on this) is that when it comes to this health care finance debate, its important to some of our D.C. politicians to continue regarding the health of Americans as a commodity.

It's the only way to explain treating insurance companies as an minority group whose entitlement status must be protected.

The Senate Finance Committee's vote this week played out like a melodrama. A poor one...
At least given the account in Politics Daily.

"Democrat Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia said insurance companies are "getting away with banditry, and they revel in it." Republican Chuck Grassley of Iowa countered that "the government is not a fair competitor; it's a predator.""

"So many villains, so much villainy. At this point, I'm not sure I want insurance from the government or the private sector..."

"Grassley raised the specter of employers ending their insurance coverage and forcing people wholesale into a public plan (actually they'd be forced into a new exchange or marketplace, which would offer many private plans and possibly one plan administered by the government.) Democrat John Kerry of Massachusetts categorically stated that a public option, paid for by premiums, would not be an entitlement -- and two minutes later Republican John Cornyn of Texas said we shouldn't be creating another entitlement."

"As Kerry said right before that exchange, "People are sort of talking past each other a little bit here.""

If we are protecting the insurance companies and their executives - let's at least be honest about it. Then we can have the debate we REALLY need to have.

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