Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great Movie; Great Lesson

Ernesto Cortez, Jr., is directs the Southwest Region of the Industrial Areas Foundation. Ernie has been a tremendous influence on my life and ministry, helping me to expand my world view and my understanding of what it means to be engaged in public life.

Ernie, who can always be counted on to teach with an intellectual depth that is both informative and inspirational, broke into a pattern which some of us recognized but hardly anyone said anything about. In his discussions and even conversations, Ernie would quote philosophers, prophets, politicians, economists, academics, clergy, etc. Gradually we noticed that he started making his points reminding us of scenes from movies. Finally one of the organizers asked, 'Ernie, why are you quoting lines from movies so often?' To which Ernie replied, 'People may not remember what they read, but they remember the movies they see.'

This is a great scene, from a great movie, "Twelve Angry Men". Hope you enjoy it and learn from it as much as I have!

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Chris said...

Didn't Saul Rules for Radicals Alinsky found the IAF?