Friday, October 2, 2009

What Is a Justice Revival?

So what's a justice revival?

For Dallas it will be three days of preaching, prayer and worship designed to challenge the Body of Christ to heed the call to Biblical Justice. It is not just an event to inspire reflection. It is a confrontation to move from complacency to action. The city-wide revival services which will be held from November 10-13 at Dallas Market Hall, will culminate in a day of action on November 14th when the more than 200 participating congregations will be deployed throughout the city to provide support and engage in work that will serve as a down payment on a commitment to organize and strategize for ministry and advocacy in the areas of education and permanent supportive housing for the homeless.

Everything we currently see in our culture today: the alienation, the violence, the materialism and greed, the poverty and hopelessness, the racism and ideological partisanship are all evidence of the need for the a church willing to embrace its role as salt and light. Far too often, the church has contributed to or showed callous indifference to some of these very issues.

Taking Biblical justice seriously means that the mission and ministry of evangelism isn't used as ecclesiastical escapism or nor is discipleship defined as an otherworldly preoccupation.

Taking the demand for Biblical justice seriously means seeing the call to 'Let justice run down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream' as valid as 'Marvel not ye must be born again'; it views our expression of Christ-likeness as a call to preach the Gospel to the poor, AND to the heal the brokenhearted and deliver the captives. Biblical justice sees the imperatives of Amos as compelling as the Gospel of Mark.

Most importantly, Biblical justice demands a Biblical faith which transcends political affiliation and nationalized values - it demands that we avoid the idolatry of a Republican God or a Democratic God.

The Justice Revival is designed to serve as a reminder that our God is a God of Infinite Compassion - especially when it comes to the future of children and the fate of the poor. In order to truly represent Him on earth, we must reflect something of that Compassion.

The event is in November. The awakening starts now. The city will change.


Chris said...

I hope you aren't associated with Acorn which is big on so called "social justice" and in reality is a criminal enterprise.

Gerald Britt said...

Chris, while I don't agree with every criticism being hurled at ACORN, 'social justice' is not a term that begins or ends with them.

Anonymous said...

Rev, "social justice" and "authentic" are both liberation theology principles. As you know cloaking a political and social agenda in a Christian facade is a gross misrepresentation of the Christian belief.

Gerald Britt said...

Let's just say that yours is a gross misrepresentation of the Justice Revival its leadership and participants. If you bother to show up, I'd like to meet you and introduce you to them and show you how wrong you are.

Otherwise, thanks for reading...