Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wonderful Intersect!

When relationships and responsibilities intersect in a meaningful way, it can make you awfully proud!
One relationship that falls in that category is with Shawn Williams. I hesitate to refer to him as a 'fellow blogger' because he is so far ahead of the curve when it comes to what he does and what I do! His creativity and entrepreneurship in this area is just outstanding. Not only is his Dallas South blog top rate, but his online publication, Dallas South News is really impressive (and he hasn't paid me to say any of this - yet!). Seriously, the depth and breadth of his work is pace setting and I enjoy his work.

The responsibility aspect is also exciting. I happen to supervise several programs at Central Dallas Ministries and I'm extremely proud of the work of all of our program managers. Our After School Program, in Dallas Housing Authority's Roseland Homes community is growing more and more exciting! Due to the loss of learning centers in Dallas Independent School District, it now serves well over 100 children, with homework, recreation and enrichment. One part of the program happens to be the oldest after school offering which we call our After School Academy, headed by Janet Morrison. She too is a fellow blogger and her passion and commitment comes through in every post.

Shawn and Janet have combined forces to create a Junior Reporter program. The 3-5 graders are learning reporter skills that are making them 'citizen journalists'! I dare you to think about the implications of young urban youth, who are learning to blog, learning digital photography, developing interview skills, all in a new journalism environment which provides greater access and opportunity as the 'digital divide' is bridged.

Check out Shawn's article on the effort in our city's 'D' Magazine online offering!
This is more than just a shout out to Janet and Shawn. This is bragging on young people who are learning to defy the odds through education, exposure and experience, and the adults who believe in them enough to provide the opportunity.

The next time you here disparaging news about young people, you ought to think about this story!


Shawn Williams said...

I always appreciate your kind words and this is one of the many great things CDM is involved with. I look forward to the further growth and development of our "Junior Reporters."

Anonymous said...

Al Lipscomb, James Fantroy, and Don Hill - all notable Dallas City councilmen.
BTW, Dallas has been a minority majority governing body since 1999