Monday, November 2, 2009

Brick City: the Politics of Redemption and Resurrection

Brick City, is an enlightening and inspirational story about Newark, New Jersey and it's energetic young mayor, Corey Booker.

To say simply regard it as the story of a man and the city, is an understatement. It is a saga of a city that is trying to overcome what some would consider insurmountable odds: gangs, violent crime, poverty and the rage which comes when progress is made, but when expectations and pent up exasperations are equally high.

To watch Booker, playing midnight basketball with youth, at crime scenes with the police, encouraging, preaching and pleading, police, business leaders, community leaders and radio listners, to join with him in making Newark better, safer and liveable, is wonderfully inspirational. And something from which all of us, can learn.

It is a story of retail politics, redemption and a city that struggles for revival. It's worth our attention.

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