Friday, December 11, 2009

Let's Get Our Indignation Straight, Shall We?

OK, OK, if you want to say Senator Harry Reid went too far the other day comparing Republican inaction on health care reform to the calls to 'go slow' on slavery and civil rights, I get it. Maybe you don't get line of reasoning. Maybe you don't consider health care for those who can't afford it a civil right. Perhaps you're comfortable with health care as a commodity and you've never been in a position where medical care was a financial issue with you. Perhaps you are just another Harry Reid 'hater'. I get all of that...

But enough with the feigned indignation and the contrived sense of insult! We've just gone through a year when political leaders spoke at rallies where the President of the United States was called 'Hitler', a Nazi, a Socialist and where people called for his death and those same leaders - in the Republican Party said, 'You know, you can't control the people who come to these things...' Where was the indignation when legislators spoke at rallies where people carried signs like this?

No Chairman Steele, I'm not insulted by Reid's comparison. I'm insulted that your party spent the summer talking about the President's birth certificate, calling the public option socialism while frightening old people with non-existent threats to medicare and presenting no credible legislative alternative.

By the way, I missed the aggrieved sense of moral outrage and angst on behalf of black people when Senator Lamar Alexander made this ridiculous statement...

Your silence on these things doesn't insult me as an African-American. It insults me as an American.

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Chris said...

Number one, the threat to Medicare is very real and number two, the Republicans had very good ideas but were never given a place at the table. The deliberations were done behind locked doors with only Dems present.