Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh Boy!

So I was surfing the internet a little, looking to see what else people were saying about the King holiday and I found this:

"Today, our nation celebrates a holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. This is the day we praise in honor of the heroic figures of the Civil Rights Movement. Nevertheless, the Microsoft Network (MSN) web page published an article by Maia Szalavitz, who works for MSN Health & Fitness, which announced that the MLK holiday is "The Most Depresing Day of the Year," according to an equation devised by Dr. Cliff Arnall, a British Researcher from Cardiff University.""

Now if you haven't checked out the link this is from The Dallas Blog. It's a conservative blog which I read occassionally to see what people who think differently from me are writing. Tom Pauken is the president of The Dallas Blog. Pauken is also chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission, and is former chairman of the Republican Party.

Pauken, in all fairness didn't write the post, that is the fine work of Tom McGregor.

Now, I didn't see anyone walking around depressed on Martin Luther King Day. I attended two events and people were serious, but not depressed - certainly not clinically so. So I had no idea what McGregor was talking about! What did he read? Is it the race issue that is getting people depressed? Perhaps its the Obama presidency, I know some people who have manifested unbelievable cruelty and meaness towards - well anyone who the think might have voted for Obama - but depression? Vitriol, definately, but depression?! Was some study done that showed that maybe black people are more depressed than the rest of the population.

So I read the link. Here is what it said...

"Poets, publicists and psychiatrists all have their candidates for the bleakest time of the year. According to one equation devised by Dr. Cliff Arnall, a British researcher from Cardiff University, Jan. 18 is 2010’s [italics mine]most depressing day. His formula for this bleak prediction takes into account factors like post-holiday blahs and debt, failed New Year’s resolutions and, this year, the nasty chill that has reached much further south than usual. This particular peak in seasonal affective disorder (SAD) isn't the only time that we're prone to feeling low."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! McGregor (or somebody) must have been pretty desperate to find something wrong with MLK Day to reach this conclusion - and it was a reach.

To be clear - THE DAY, January 18th is the most depressing day, NOT the MLK holiday!

What could possibly be the real reason for such a ridiculous post? Let's see what the rest of McGregor's post reads...

"MSN co-ordinates operations with MSNBC, a left-leaning, Obama-praising cable TV news network..."

Mr. McGregor, here's the rule: if you don't like Obama, its ok to just say so. If you don't like MSNBC, just watch FOX, its alright.
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