Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Praying for Dr. Jim

Central Dallas Ministries board member and Baylor Hospital's Chief equity officer, Dr. Jim Walton, is among the physicians lending his services to help in Haiti.

"On Saturday, two doctors from Baylor University Medical Center left with a group of surgeons and anesthesiologists from Austin-area churches to work with Mission of Hope Haiti...

"[The]Two Baylor doctors, Christopher Berry and Jim Walton, left for Haiti on Saturday with a team of surgeons and anesthesiologists out of Austin. Walton, who practices internal medicine, said the group wanted to include primary care physicians."

"Walton sent this text to Sewell on Sunday:

"“The situation here has changed in the last 48 hours … they state that the relief has caught up with the demands of the injured … people are now moving out of the capital POP, and trying to get out to the countryside … there are large tent cities in POP … thousands of displaced people, but they aren’t necessarily injured … there are not enough operating rooms working for all of the surgeons who are here trying to help … we are setting up a hospital out in the country … ""

"[Jim] also leads the community health improvement efforts for HealthTexas Provider Network, through which he has created numerous opportunities for physicians to become involved in service activities including volunteering at local charity clinics, participation in Project Access Dallas, a community health initiative, as well as international medical missions around the world."

"Dr. Rhonda Walton is ... a major contributor to CDM's effort to support and promote the role of women in ministry among the poor and in churches across the area."

"Dr. Rhonda", is doing wonders working with the staff in Roseland Townhomes providing pediatric services, working with the mothers of children in Roseland, as well as working with diabetic patients to manage their disease.

Jim and Rhonda are a wonderful team. We're grateful and incredibly proud to have them both. Our heartfelt prayers go out to Jim, and the team he's working with, for their work among the victims of the disaster in Haiti and their families as they await their return.

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