Saturday, January 30, 2010

Teleprompter Anyone?!

I did it one or two times when I was a pastor; I have other friends who have apparently tried it in their ministries. I don't think any of us would recommend it to young pastors.

I mean have an open forum with the people who oppose your plans and vision! You tend to leave those meetings thinking, "Maybe this was a bad idea!".

So why on earth would the President - yes, President Obama - go in front of 140 Republicans and not only make a speech, but field Q&A?!

It was great! Great from the stand point that he directly answered the questions and charges that have been made against him for nearly a year. And great from the standpoint that anyone who wants to be fair in their evaluation of whether or not bipartisan outreach has been real, has to consider whose being fair with whom?!

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Maybe next time we need to get Congressman Henserling a teleprompter!

Oh, by the way. I wanted to see what FOX News had to say about the speech, so while I watching this analysis on MSNBC (which admittedly tends to often be pro-Obama, although they will criticize him), I switched over to get their point of view.

I kid you not - Larry the Cable Guy, was being interviewed. Hannity was asking him his views on climate change.


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