Friday, January 29, 2010

Updates from Dr. Jim Walton in Haiti

As I mentioned in a previous post, CDM board member and Baylor Hospital Chief Equity Officer, Dr. Jim Walton has joined other health care professionals and rescue volutounteers in Haiti.

His wife, Dr. Rhonda Walton, has provided us with updates of his experience. It helps me visualize just how extensive the devastation to both property and persons and how it will take the world community to help rebuild and restore this tiny island.

We should all be thankful to anyone and everyone who has devoted their time, treasure and prayerful support to the Haitians and those who have been able and available to respond personally.

Here's an excerpt from a recent update...

"Being here helps me realize the incredible blessing of where I was born and the priviledges I have had as a consequence. Additionally, I see both the opportunity and responsibility we all bear to help those who are suffering and much less fortunate (simply because of their birthplace). It gives me hope that people and organizations in Dallas and all over the world are interested in helping Haiti recover and move beyond their poverty. This will be a huge undertaking. The amount of destruction of the infrastrucutre can't be overstated. As I worked last night in our little make-shift hospital ward, I could hear an occassional US Airforce plane takeoff and land. I thought that it was odd that there were so few of them, when the scale of recovery is so large....then I remembered seeing a ship unloading at a small dock near a village where we made housecalls. Maybe the relief will come by boat now."

And from a more recent update...

"This is exhausting and emotionally clarified the need to think carefully about the type of work and the length of commitment to this needy health development would be very helpful, but isn't very glamorous like fixing broken bones.....could take a longterm commitment to a focused community ...and if all the people and organizations could each take one community or area (both inside and outside Port-au-Prince) then the country could improve and realize that there is a God who loves them, in spite of the trauma that was experienced by the earthquake."

"There are lots of prayers as we travel from house to house and tent to tent, because it is all we can think of doing as we do this level of work...."

Jim's due back Saturday. Let's continue to pray for his safe return!

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