Monday, January 25, 2010

Victory Gardens - In More Ways than You Might Think!

I supervise several of Central Dallas Ministries community based programs. I feel fortunate to work with a number of program directors whose passionate creativity and dedication continues to exceed expectation.

Dr. Janet Morrison is one of them.

She's incredibly committed to enlarging the space in which kids have an opportunity to learn. Through her leadership, children at Roseland Home Townhomes are doing incredible things with technology, learning journalism, the environment, reading (kids have been known to argue about buying books, from the library Janet and her team have gotten underway) and a community garden.

I'll admit I was a little cool to the idea at first. But the more I saw the enthusiasm for it and the more I've heard people in neighborhoods express a desire for them, I've begun to see the wisdom and value of the idea.

Just like the kids in Janet's program.

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