Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Employment SHOULD be the Priority Now

This clip of a presentation by economist Larry Mischel, the president of the Economic Policy Institute. He provides as clear an explanation as I've heard of why our economy is where it is and what it will take to provide relief for hurting individuals and families. It does indeed jibe with the President's proposals in his State of the Union address. The EPI doesn't march lock step with the Administration. It doesn't for instance, agree with the proposal for a discretionary spending freeze, for instance.

Whether you agree with the White House focus on restoring solvency of our financial institutions or not, it is incredibly important that we do focus on job creation. The clip is from early summer of '09. EPI's more current statistics convey the dire nature of the problem to date.
It poses a complex problem for which there are no magic short term solutions. But we've got to follow up the statistical recovery we see in the country's overall economy, with a determined effort to put the country back to work.

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