Thursday, February 11, 2010

Interesting poll cited in a column by Bruce Drake

"Fifty-eight percent of Americans say the Republicans are not doing enough to comprise with President Obama on important issues and 44 percent put the burden on Obama for not finding ways to work with the GOP, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted Feb. 4-8."

"But more Americans say Obama has got it right compared to the Republicans, with 45 percent rating Obama's efforts at compromise "about right" while only 30 percent say that about the Republicans."

"Some of the findings are similar to a Fox News poll conducted Feb. 2-3 which said 44 percent believed Obama was trying to reach out to the GOP while 41 percent said he was more concerned with enacting the Democratic agenda."

"Sixty-three percent said Obama and lawmakers should keep trying to pass a comprehensive health care reform measure -- something that will depend heavily on whether both sides can break through the partisanship that has stalled the legislation. Eighty-eight percent of Democrats want to press ahead as do 56 percent of independents. But Republicans favor giving up by 55 percent to 42 percent."

Looks as if the 'Loyal Obstructionist' tactic may be wearing a bit thin. Pretty soon someone will have to resort to putting real alternative ideas on the table!


randye said...

Wow, only about a year ago obstruction was called dissent and dissent was the true mark of the patriotic.

Gerald Britt said...

About two years ago (actually), no one was actually and actively, trying to block nearly every piece of legislation that came out of the opposition party. There were just those who called any type of dissent 'unpatriotic'.

Of course now that the tables have turned active obstructionist efforts are the sign of patriotism.

randye said...

I appreciate your cynicism, but

Can't informed, intelligent, educated people have ethical reasons to oppose government run health care?

We've seen what the feds did to education. Can't maybe some Republicans be acting in good faith to prevent same thing happening to health care?

Reform, not a takeover?

Chris said...

The endgame is to get the House to pass the Senate bill, Obama signs it and reconcilation begins in the Senate. Then they start adding things to it that the House wants. This comes from Nancy Pelosi herself. So what use is the meeting for Feb. 25th? It's this. The Dems want it all over TV that they are including Republicans. The Republicans are hot as compared to the Dems. The Dems have to somehow make it look like Obama's failures are only due to Republicans not willing to compromise. It's all a trap and I hope the Republicans will not fall for it.

If Obama was so eager to include Republicans, why was everything done behind locked doors?

When Obama says he wants bipartisanship what he really means is GOP surrender.

Gerald Britt said...

Randye, I don't think my comment qualifies at cynicism. I'm just pointing out the sad ironies that have come with this excessive partisanship and ideological hysteria.

There are people, Democratic AND Republican who have serious questions about the way health care reform has been presented. But SURELY something as complex as health care reform cannot be enacted with 1-26 page counter proposals. What makes health care a problem is that people with and without coverage have their health treated as commodities and that preventative measures are not frontline, proactive public policy priorities. In my opinion, that's where the debate begins. Not with branding those who come up with proposals as 'socialist' 'communist' or ridiculous claims of 'death panels' that have citizens screaming at one another in public meetings.

I seriously disagree with what you are saying about education. What the government has done that is detrimental is allowed the public education to become a free market commodity, high jacked by the publishng industry and by right-wing evangelical ideologues (at least that's what's happening in Texas). It is ruining our public education system and shutting out parents and good teachers from a system and destroying the opportunity for a future for millions of our children.

Gerald Britt said...

Chris, do you realize that when Republicans were in the majority, the SAME things they complain about now are the things they were doing? Literally? Thousand page bills passed in the dead of night with no one having a chance to read them; shutting Dems out of the negotiating process and claiming either an open process OR reminding Dems that they 'won'; or literally shutting off debate on legislation?

I'm surprised no one brings this up. And I know its true because I've personally talked to legislators who told me how the Republicans got certain bills passed!

So why the passion for bi-partisanship now?

Secondly, you cannot lose the majority of your seats in the legislative body and have your legislative proposals given the weight of the majority party! Where does that come from?! When you lose the majority of your seats, YOU LOSE POLITICAL POWER. That's the way it works. The Republicans know how this works when THEY are the majority. I am at a loss to understand why they seem to feel as if its not an operating principle when they have lost...

Chris said...

Sometimes when you are in the majority you can't get your bills passed. Sometimes you need the American people behind you.

Name some bills the Republicans passed in the dead of night.