Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Prayer for Peace for a Grieving Family

This story is particularly touching to me and my family.

I was Artemis Rand's pastor. His father and mother were faithful members of the church. His father Larry was a trusted deacon and trustee. His mother Sherri was a beloved deaconess, usher and member of the Women's Ministry. I watched Artemis grow up to be a wonderful young man. Our families spent many happy moments together in and out of church. Artemis' grandmother was a kind, loving and supportive member. His grandfather is a delightful man. Artemis would take care of their yard almost every weekend.

I performed Artemis' and Katrice's wedding ceremony.

I preached his funeral.

It's my sincere hope and prayer that this family finds much deserved comfort and peace. I hope you join me in that prayer for them.

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