Sunday, February 21, 2010

Remembering Dr. Manuel Scott, Sr.

I've written before about some of my preaching heroes. Few of them mean as much to me as the Rev. Dr. Manuel Scott.

Dr. Scott was a man of slight stature, lyrical eloquence, profound towering intellect and godly wisdom. His were two of the first books I purchased as a young freshman preacher at Bishop College. He was designated by Ebony Magazine as one of the 15 Greatest Preachers in Black America. I, along with professors, classmates and other preachers and pastors from across the nation, thrilled to his exposition of the scriptures, whether during our Religious Emphasis Week, or the L.K. Williams Ministers' Institute, or even during Friday chapel services when we had the special treat of his being in town.

I had the great privilege of getting to know him and spend time with him when he started pastoring in Dallas at the St. John Baptist Church, after 35 years at Calvary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California.

He was a kind and gentle man. He had a kind and gentle spirit. He was patient with young preachers and he loved his parishioners and was devoted to their spiritual well being and nourishment.

This clip barely does justice to his tremendous talent. It's merely a very brief sample of what those of us who loved him and were blessed to receive from him as he inspired, encouraged and ennobled us.


Manuel Scott Jr Ministries said...

Rev. Britt, it is astonishing that you would write your moving article, "Remembering Dr. Manuel Scott, Sr", just as his son, Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr, was working on a book of quotes, sayings and sermons by his late father.
The Quotable Manuel Scott Sr book debuted on June 29th at Calvary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. As one who knew and admired him, you would enjoy reading this collection of nearly 500 quotes and 7 sermons. One chapter, "Quotations Concerning My Father's Social Consciousness and General Theological Philosophy," deals with the theme of your Change The Wind blog.
More information about the book can be found at, including a link to an article in the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper about the book's debut.

Gerald Britt said...

I look forward to getting a copy of the book.

It was one of the great joys of my life, getting to know Dr. Scott and getting to spend time with him. I've told those preachers that I've helped train, that their ministries will miss something because they didn't get a chance to hear him in person. I applaud your efforts to keep his significant gift alive...