Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Texas We Never Miss an Opportunity to Miss an Opportunity

According to the Center for Public Policy Priorities in Austin, Texas, the Lone Star State stands to be the biggest beneficiary of the Health Care Reform expected to be signed into law by Tuesday.

"Texans are among the biggest winners in last night’s historic vote by the U.S. House of Representatives to enact fundamental health care system reforms. With more than one in four Texans currently lacking health care insurance and runaway premiums adding daily to that 6.1 million count, relief cannot not come too soon for our overburdened health care system. In addition to providing new economic security to millions of Texas families, the national health reform bill will also bring billions of dollars back to Texas each year through health insurance tax credits for middle class and low-income Texans, and Medicaid coverage for our poorest citizens."

"“Medicaid expansion to cover working poor parents of children on Texas Medicaid today will be 100 percent federally funded for three years, with the state getting nine federal dollars for each state dollar from 2020 on forward,” said CPPP associate director Anne Dunkelberg. “Twice as many now-uninsured Texans will gain coverage by purchasing affordable private insurance through the new Health Insurance Exchange as will gain Medicaid, bringing even more federal dollars to Texas with no state matching dollars required.”"

And how is Texas preparing to take advantage of this opportunity to provide health care for its most vulnerable citizens? I'm glad you asked!

"Less than an hour after the U.S. House passed a huge health care overhaul bill last night, [Texas State Attorney General, Greg] Abbott said Texas and other states would go to court to challenge its constitutionality."

""The federal health care legislation passed tonight violates the United States Constitution and unconstitutionally infringes upon Texans' individual liberties," Abbott said in a statement."



Chris said...

To Obama, the Constitution is just an inconvenience. Everything he said about the health care bill is a lie.

Gerald Britt said...


I admire your consistency. As you stumble toward the wrong conclusions you manage to avoid being tripped up by the facts.


Chris said...

The majority of Americans agree with me.

Karen said...


How do you continue to delude yourself in this way? If the majority of Americans agreed with you, Obama wouldn't be President.

I heard an interesting comment last night from a highly respected Republican strategist. This was the gist: "The Republican Party used to think Fox News worked for them. Now they realize that they work for Fox News. The hijacking of the health care debate by the pundits (Limbaugh, Beck, etc.) has shown them that."

You are sadly, if determinedly, misinformed. By all means, have and continually spew forth your disinformation, but please leave the 'majority' of Americans out of it. I am very, very sure that you and yours do not speak for us, just because you shout the loudest.


Gerald Britt said...


Along with what Karen said, you are seriously deluding yourself if you think that 'the majority' of Americans a)see things your way or b) don't want change in the current system.

A good number of those who disagree with the HCR that was passed on Sunday wanted a MORE PROGRESSIVE reform. Including a public option.

Again, it astounds me that suddenly there is this idea that a party can lose the White House and BOTH houses of Congress and STILL set a national agenda. It hasn't worked that way in this country's history and it can't work that way now...