Friday, May 28, 2010

The Ceremonies are Over; the Joy Continues!

We've concluded the services for my father today.

Because he wanted to be buried in the DFW Veteran's Cemetery, we had to have his Home-going services on Thursday and his burial services this morning.

There was great encouragement and great expressions of sympathy from friends, family and colleagues throughout his illness and at the time of his death. We are appreciative of everyone who took the time in joining us in honoring him and thanking God for his life and influence.

My father had a great sense of humor! One of the wonderful stories that came at one of the services was told by a friend of his. I just have to share it...

It seems that the friend, a fellow pastor, was visiting him at home some years ago. Unlike me, my father loved dogs. At the time of the visit he had a white German Shepherd named Misty.

Misty had gotten in the house, gone to the bedroom and gotten in the bed and fallen asleep. My father took his friend to the bedroom, saying, 'I want to show you something.' He took him in the bedroom, showed him Misty in the bed. Evidently, Misty had knocked the phone off of the hook when she got in the bed for her nap. My father said, 'I'm gonna beat that dog. Not because she was on the phone, but she didn't hang it up after she finished!'

That was my father. I've said it before, but please indulge the repeat: We'll miss him!

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