Friday, May 21, 2010

Ready for Prime Time? Maybe Not...

I'm a little bit late to this party. I missed it when I first heard that Rand Paul, the son of Ron Paul, Republican Senator and former presidential candidate had won the GOP primary in Kentucky.

Ron Paul is somewhat interesting. Rand Paul is somewhat troublesome. I'm beginning to get more and more troubled when I hear someone talk about 'taking our country back'. It leads me to ask what 'country' has been taken from whom? Who 'took' it? And What did this country look like before it was 'taken' that was so wonderful that needs to be 'taken back'?

Be that as it may, Rand Paul continues to be a troublesome prospective U.S. Senator - at least for me. As a Tea Party candidate/supporter or whatever we are supposed to call it, exposes reasons why this movement is not simply a benign channel for Americans who are 'angry'.

Warning: this is pretty painful to watch...

It gets worse...

Here's the answer Dr. Paul...

"It's regrettable; indeed, its reprehensible that federal legislation was necessary to remove abhorrent racist practices from our society. And not just overt institutional racism, but racism in private business as well. But during those volatile days, when racism was expressed in ways that humiliated, threatened and denied the humanity of American citizens, such legislation was necessary and I would have supported it."

"As a U.S.Senator I will work to not only improve the climate of inclusion that the Civil Rights Act sought to bring about. But also a climate in which such laws are no longer necessary. It is best when the free market operates in such a way that such intense federal intervention is not necessary."

Now that would be a palatable answer. It would allow him to move on. And if there are substantive issues which a Tea Party candidate has with the current philosophy of government, it provides a foundation for such a discussion.

But if you were born post 1960, and seeking a position as responsible as that of United States Senator, you cannot come off as someone who believes that U.S. history and its consequences began after you graduated high school.

This is not a responsible position for a serious candidate.

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Anonymous said...

"It leads me to ask what 'country' has been taken from whom? Who 'took' it?"
Rev, the Alinskyites took it - but it won't last.
Rand Paul wins in November by a landslide!