Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Reasonable Point of View - Go Figure!

Believe it or not, I do read conservative writers like Thomas Sowell and Cal Thomas. Often with great interest, more often in great disagreement.

In this particular case, on the subject of the recent scandal regarding the Texas State Board of Education's mishandling of social studies textbooks and curriculum (and yes, I do mean scandal!); Thomas makes a number of sensible points that deserve to be considered.

"This war has been going on since 1961 when a Texas couple, Norma and Mel Gabler, launched their textbook crusade. According to the Washington Post the Gablers, “guarded the schoolhouse door against factual errors and what they perceived as left-wing bias. Usually one and the same in their view, the transgressions they spotted were often enough to knock the offending book from the running for statewide adoption.”"

"The firestorm they helped ignite has been burning ever since and flares up each time textbooks are to be revised."

"At the heart of it all is a dispute over what kind of nation America was and is. Some conservatives claim it was — and is — a “Christian nation.” But what does that mean? What would a Christian nation look like? Would individuals love their enemies, instead of denouncing them? Would people live within their means? Would individuals, rather than government, be doing more to feed the hungry, visit prisoners and care for widows and orphans? Would there be fewer abortions, less sex outside of marriage, not as many divorces and less cohabitation? Would more of us hunger after truth instead of watered-down syncretism? Would there be harmony among the races in a Christian nation?"

"None of these describe modern America and so defenders of the “Christian nation” belief cling to references by the Founders to “Divine Providence” and similar euphemisms for the Almighty and want them in textbooks. To prove what?"

"The left started this war by attacking what was for years taken for granted about America, most especially that we are an exceptional country. The proof is the number of people who want to come here and the selflessness displayed by our citizens in the treasure we’ve spent and the blood we’ve spilled on behalf of others."

"Too many on the left seem embarrassed by America’s prosperity and standing in the world. The right seems just as committed to tearing the country down, literally and figuratively."

I agree with some points, I disagree with others.

What about you?

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