Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SEED(s) of Greatness

What if we have an education system that not only says it believes at high levels, but provides an atmosphere that makes it possible? And what if that system actually succeeds?!

What if 'We're here for the children' was more than a platitude and we decided to do whatever it takes for children to reach their full potential?

What a great future we all would have!

This is a wonderful and hopeful segment. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

What if we had parents who would teach their children how to behave and respect authority in the schools?

Gerald Britt said...

You probably didn't watch the video clip. I suggest that you do. I think you would find it interesting, if not inspiring.

In the meantime, the erroneous assumption that students from middle class to well to do families who do well in school 'behave and respect authority' is yet another stereotype that we need to debunk.
They can be as rude, insolent and disrespectful as any of the inner city children upon whom some people have decided to visit their venom and ill will.