Friday, May 7, 2010

'We Band of Brothers..."

For any number of reasons this has been a hard week for me, personally and professionally. You know how it is, sometimes you need inspiration and it can come from the most unlikely places - scripture, of course. Music. Great literature.

This is a scene from one of my favorite movies, 'Henry V'. When I saw it for the first time 20 years ago, I was inspired then and every time I see it, it inspires me still. I started to save this for a Sunday post, but it picked me up today and thought it might do the same for someone else.

Oh, by the way, you'll get a couple of quick glimpses of a young boy among the soldiers in the early part of the clip. It's Christian Bale - the latest 'Batman'.

Just a little bit of trivia to go with the pick-me-up.


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Anonymous said...

Rev, sincerely sorry you are having a bad week. Keep a smile on you face and a song in your heart. Praise God in all things.