Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ahhh! The Good Ol' Summer Time...

Among the many things that keep you going in this work, is the fact that every now and then you get to see months of planning result in the good work for which you've been hoping and praying!

Our blossoming partnership with Pepsico has resulted in the 'Food on the Move' Summer program that provides meals for kids who, otherwise might not have a nutritious breakfast or lunch.

In two days Food on the Move, has served more than 5700 meals!

"Of the 250 AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) inductees, 200 will be directly involved in the ministry's Food on the Move Summer Feeding Initiative, which aims to provide 500,000 meals to Texas children over the next 12 weeks."

But, as this video clip shows, it goes beyond food for children. It feeds the spirits of those who are running the program.

That's usually what happens when people get involved in something meaningful.

CDM's Pepsico partners are absolutely great to work with. And our staff, Sonia White who directs our food service program and Keven Vicknair, who runs our Americorp program, have done yoman's work in getting this off the ground.

Just another reason the summer's my favorite time of year!


Anonymous said...

The kids don't look like they have parents who don't feed them.

Gerald Britt said...

...and now I know why you didn't use your name...