Monday, June 21, 2010

Fiscal Chickens Coming Home to Roost?

The cost of deciding that we can have the quality of life we desire without paying for it is to eventually discover that we cannot maintain the quality of life we desire without paying for it.

That's what Dallas faces currently.

While facing the prospect of a $135 million budget shortfall, we have to deal with crumbling roads and aging infrastructure. All of which have been ignored, while we have decided that we could have a relatively affordable economy in Big D, without generating sufficient income to do basic maintenance.

At some point the answer to much needed expenses is more revenue. It's not a pleasant truth when that revenue is taxes, but its the truth we need to hear - in Dallas and in the country.

The 'starve the beast' mentality of people who allow themselves to be tricked into the idea that we can all 'keep our hard earned money' while everyone else should be equally 'responsible', fails to take into account the fundamental ways in which we've become 'responsible' for one another.

In Dallas, its becoming as basic as the roads we all travel and the water we all need.

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Anonymous said...

Yes more revenue is needed to provide basic and decent city services. The city has 3 ways generally to increase taxes
1. Sales Tax
2. Property Tax
3. Increase the basic consumer cost of sanitation and water.

I could see where a combination of 1 and 3 would alleviate the issue. Also, as with must government at any level, a permanent reduction of current spending levels is in order. After all government spending and lack of restraint is a reason we are at this crossroad