Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Friend's Memories of His Father

Jeff Weiss is a reporter with the Dallas Morning News whom I've known for years. Occasionally (far too occasionally) one of us will call the other, ostensibly for information or some request. There are a few people from whom such calls may be tiresome or predictable, but Jeff is one of those for whom its always a pleasure to take time and do what I can.

Recently Jeff's father, Shurbert Sheldon Weiss, passed at the age of 92. During my father's illness and subsequent death, he dropped me a couple of lines of concern and comfort that were really helpful. I appreciate them, as I have all the other words of condolence and offered prayers.

He posted a beautiful remembrance of his Dad on Politico, soon after his passing. I thought I'd share a portion of it and encourage you all to read the rest.

"I read a quote not long ago about dog ownership. Dogs, it said, "live just long enough to break your heart." But isn't that true about whomever we love and loves us, no matter how many years they live? Isn't that love the point of living at all, even with the certainty that our hearts will eventually break?"

"My dad had lots of sayings. My favorite was an idiom about indecision: "I don't know whether to [defecate] or go blind." But another of his favorites was "You do for people while they're alive." Funerals and other memorials, he always said, were mostly a waste. So in lieu of flowers or other funereal remembrances, please go to someone you care for and tell them that Shurby Weiss's son, Jeff, told you to do something nice for them."

"Dad would like that."

I think my father would have agreed...

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