Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Not Too Late! Register for America Speaks: Our Budget, Our Economy

If you haven't already registered for America Speaks, the electronic town hall meeting on our country's fiscal challenges, I want to encourage you to please do so!

Unfortunately the opportunities to enter into civil civic dialogue with one another are increasingly rare. Here is one which connects those of us who will participate with citizens in 20 different cities. Those who share in this conversation will be diverse in ethnicity, class and political affiliation and our perspectives will be heard by elected and public officials who will take us seriously.

It's easy to foment and complain. It's much more challenging to engage with fellow citizens who may have a different perspective, respectfully and constructively.

I, my colleagues and neighbors at Central Dallas Ministries, as well as other sponsors throughout Dallas, urge you to come out and be a part of this significant event!

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