Thursday, June 24, 2010

We Need to Talk About the Successes...

Larry James, Central Dallas Ministries' CEO had a couple of encounters that help prove the effectiveness of permanent supportive housing yesterday. He relates the tale in his Urban Daily blog.

"Yesterday, I enjoyed the honor of speaking to a senior adult luncheon at Wilshire Baptist Church here in Dallas. My dear friend, Dr. George Mason serves the church as pastor, a position he has held for over two decades. I really respect the church and George. Wilshire is a great place and I always enjoy being there."

"At the end of my presentation, during a short Q & A period, a woman stood up and, with tears in her voice..."

Read what this woman has to say that shows a side of the story that has trouble breaking through the noise of the fear filled rhetorical assault to which we are becoming all too familiar. At CDM and elsewhere, those of us doing this work need to start making much more noise about our successes...

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