Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Brother Beloved Doing Well and Doing Good

When I was a pastor in South Dallas and our church was working to make changes to bring health and wholeness to our neighborhood, we had no better partner than Dr. Derrick Harkins and the New Hope Baptist Church. New Mount Moriah and New Hope worshiped together on occasion, Rev. Harkins and I preached in one another's pulpits and we led the effort to bring the first new housing in the area in 50 years.

Unfortunately, Derrick left New Hope too soon to see the changes he helped bring about. He has been, for the past several years, the pastor of the historic 19th Street Baptist Church in Washington D.C. Derrick carries on his efforts in transformational ministry and prophetic engagement and continues to make all of us proud in the process. Like in this interview on 'Huckabee' on Fox News...yes, Fox News!

Too bad he didn't get a chance to finish...oh well, we know how it turned out.

By the way: at times on Sunday mornings, Dr. Harkins and the 19th Street Church, pay host to a very special guest...


Johnice Woods said...

Great Pastor, Great Man of God

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