Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Memoriam: Walter Hawkins (1949-2010)

There would be a huge hole in church music in the black church, if the catalogue of music written by Walter Hawkins was eliminated.

When I was a freshman at Bishop College in 1975, it was difficult to find a religion student who hadn't memorized the entire 'Love Alive' album released that year. It is classic modern day Gospel music today, as is much of his music, including - Marvelous, Going Up Yonder, Changed, Be Grateful, Thank You, He's That Kind Of Friend, Until I Found The Lord, Jesus Christ Is the Way, I'm Not The Same, Holy One, Spirit Now, Battle, I Love You Lord, Special Gift, Set Me Free, Is There Any Way, Everybody Ought To Know, My Gratitude, It's Right and Good, Cry On, I'm So Thankful, Just In The Nick of Time, Jesus Made A Way, Thank You Lord, I Must Go On, I'm Going Away, Lord Give Us Time, Try Christ, I Feel Like Singing, Dear Jesus, God Is Standing By, I Love Jesus More, Follow Me, All You Need Is Christ, He Brought Me, He'll Be There, Goin To A Place, I'm A Pilgrim, Never Alone, On & On

Walter Hawkins was a great gift to God's Church! We look forward to continuing to be blessed by the remaining influence of his music and the many believers he has so thoroughly influenced!

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