Friday, July 30, 2010

Interim Report for America Speaks: Our Budget, Our Economy

On June 26, Central Dallas Ministries join several other organizations as local sponsors of a national electronic town hall meeting in which citizens in 19 cities across the country let their voices be heard regarding the country's economic future. More than 3500 people met at 57 locations for eight hours on that Saturday, to talk with fellow citizens about the federal deficit.

America Speaks: Our Budget, Our Economy, was a bi-partisan exercise to find out how Americans feel about the current fiscal situation and take suggestions which will be forwarded to President Obama's bi-partisan committee on the federal deficit. The participants represented the diversity of the U.S. not only in terms of representation of Democrats and Republicans, but ideology, race, ethnicity and age. It was, to say the least, one of the most interesting Saturdays I've been afforded in a long time.

The interim report is in and its worth sharing. While I think it shows that the country is still more balanced than either progressives or conservatives would like to believe, it also shows that 'ordinary' Americans are willing to make some surprising choices when it comes to defense spending, taxes and entitlement programs. As I'm finding out in other organizations and institutions, the rank and file are usually far more intelligent, and yes, progressive than their leaders give them credit for.

You can find the national interim report here. The results from the Dallas meeting can be found here. You can check the results from other cities where meetings were held here.

Hope you find it as interesting as we did...

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