Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Bet I Enjoy My Work!

Since I resigned from my pastorate in south Dallas nearly six years ago, when I encounter colleagues in the ministry who still don't quite understand what I do, I'm asked almost without fail, 'Are you enjoying your work?'. I confess, I'm always challenged by the word 'enjoyment', it just conveys something I'm not used to thinking about when it comes to work. It was true even at the church.

But the answer is, of course I enjoy my work! I get the chance to make a difference in the lives of people. I get the opportunity to work with the most amazing staff committed to changing the lives of our neighbors. For instance...

Before the Turner Courts Public Housing Development in south Dallas was demolished in anticipation of a new development , I began to push for a library on those grounds. One of the programs I supervise is our Education Outreach program. Janet Morrison, directs the day to day operations of this work. She was and is doing a magnificent job, but a real library would have enhanced our efforts to increase student academic achievement in our After School Academy. There is one library in south Dallas and from Turner Courts it would take riding the bus for many of our kids to get there. The problem was, at the time, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) had discontinued bus service to the area.

Conversations with Dallas Housing Authority, weren't producing much result. The buildings were in such disrepair that renovation wasn't possible. The city council representative for the area didn't see the need for a library in the area and told me as much.

When Turner Courts was demolished, we moved all operations to Roseland Homes. The After School Academy has grown and thrived. And guess what - we have a library! In fact, not just a library, but a book store!

This is attributed to Janet, her hard working crew and the parents who, contrary to popular opinion want their children to learn.

Learn more about our work here.

How am I enjoying my work? Take a guess!

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